Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday "Day Before" and Thursday Turkey Linkfests

Note from Adam: Also send your Thanksgiving Trackbacks here.

Wednesday, November 22: Countdown to Turkey (and gravy, and rolls, and corn, and cranberry sauce, and ... a nice nap in front of the football game...). Nice. But while you're still anticipating and not yet napping, remember: there's just enough time left to host a nice linkfest. Then go be thankful for the others who hosted one too.

Edit: Thursday is Thanksgiving, and before you drop off into a well-deserved and overfed tryptophan coma, please consider hosting a linkfest (mostly so the other three Thanksgiving livebloggers and I have somewhere to hock our pathetic attempts at Thanksgiving humor while the rest of you are snoozing.) Link here to promote that selfless act of Thanksgiving Linkfest-Hosting so we all know what a great blogger you are.

Now, on to the good stuff (that is, the stuff I "creatively borrowed" from Adam): At Linkfest Haven, we connect Linkfest hosts and bloggers interested in promoting their work. To accomplish this task, we need the help of Linkfest Hosts. IF you are hosting a Linkfest (also called an Open Trackback Post), all we ask is that you link your Linkfest Post to Linkfest Haven and trackback your post to the trackback URL of the day. Click here for more information.Today's

Trackback URI:

If your software won't allow you to send a trackback, you may use The Wizbang Standalone Pinger to do so. Haloscan's trackbacking facility is also highly recommended.See here for more information about using Haloscan trackbacking. All I ask is that you link to the main Linkfest Haven ( page, NOT the post of the day. This way, if you're doing a linkfest that's acccepting trackbacks on multiple days, you just need to go ahead and send a trackback for each day.Users who click on your links weeks or even months later will be able to go and view all the most current linkfests.

In addition, by using Linkfest Haven, you'll be able to find links to all of the other linkfests to include in your post.For bloggers who are not hosting a linkfest, Linkfest Haven means that you can view all of the day's linkfests, go to them one by one and promote your work on as many blogs as possible. Do NOT trackback your post to this one, as this is ONLY for posts that are hosting Linkfests.

Now, on with the linkfests:


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