Sunday, May 07, 2006

Linkfests for May 8

It's Monday, and in honor of Adam's Vacation let's call this the "Monday-Adam's-Gone-Yak-&-Company-Took-Over-His-Blog-Linkfest-Haven-Post." On second thought, that's way too complicated. Let's just call it Monday Linkfests.

At Linkfest Haven, we connect Linkfest hosts and bloggers interested in promoting their work. To accomplish this task, we need the help of bloggers willing to participate as Linkfest Hosts. Not sure what to do? Put up a linkfest at your blog, link to Linkfest Haven and trackback your post to the trackback URL of the day. It's easy!

Today's Trackback URL:

Still don't understand? Click here for more information. Now on to the standard stuff:

If your software won't allow you to send a trackback, you may use The Wizbang Standalone Pinger to do so. Haloscan's trackbacking facility is also highly recommended. See here for more information about using Haloscan trackbacking.

Just remember: trackback to the URL above but link to the main Linkfest Haven ( page, NOT the post of the day. This way, if you're doing a linkfest that's acccepting trackbacks on multiple days, you just need to go ahead and send a trackback for each day. Users who click on your links weeks or even months later will be able to go and view all the most current linkfests. In addition, by using Linkfest Haven, you'll be able to find links to all of the other linkfests to include in your post. (Yeah, I'm still stealing Adam's copy for the standard stuff, but he's out of town, so he won't know till he gets back...)

Now, on with the linkfests: